Monday, May 21, 2012

New Literotica Story: Taming the Stray

After a hard month filling the role of business shark and utilizing his unusual abilities to read the emotions of a bunch of New York CEOs and potential business partners, Derek is relieved to be home--even if it's been raining for four days straight. His little house in the forests of New Hampshire is his sanctuary, and he's been looking forward to some proper alone time for weeks. Derek arrives to find a dirty, naked young man huddled under the awning of his house. With an offering of cookies and a promise of more food, can Derek convince his feral visitor to stick around the area long enough to tame him?

The story of Derek Calbraith, Seth's younger brother, is nearly complete. Finally. I'm thanking whatever deity happens to be available that this one is nearly finished. I have had more trouble with Derek than I care to admit. He and I have been in a battle of wills since November. The stray, on the other hand, is probably my second-favorite character ever.

My Beta just got done with it, and I have a traditional two-week waiting period before I re-read it for final edits (otherwise everything looks the same to me, and I can't get proper perspective on what I've written), and then it's getting posted. Barring any complications, on June 1, the first of three installments will be getting sent to Literotica.



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Falling Out of Fate Cover

It's coming out June 19th!

Oh, I'm more than a little excited today. This morning I received the cover for my first book, Falling Out of Fate. Ginny Glass did a fantastic job! This just makes everything feel a little bit more... real. 

Mmm, Kyon looks like a tasty piece of work. I'm going to make cookies in celebration.