Monday, May 21, 2012

New Literotica Story: Taming the Stray

After a hard month filling the role of business shark and utilizing his unusual abilities to read the emotions of a bunch of New York CEOs and potential business partners, Derek is relieved to be home--even if it's been raining for four days straight. His little house in the forests of New Hampshire is his sanctuary, and he's been looking forward to some proper alone time for weeks. Derek arrives to find a dirty, naked young man huddled under the awning of his house. With an offering of cookies and a promise of more food, can Derek convince his feral visitor to stick around the area long enough to tame him?

The story of Derek Calbraith, Seth's younger brother, is nearly complete. Finally. I'm thanking whatever deity happens to be available that this one is nearly finished. I have had more trouble with Derek than I care to admit. He and I have been in a battle of wills since November. The stray, on the other hand, is probably my second-favorite character ever.

My Beta just got done with it, and I have a traditional two-week waiting period before I re-read it for final edits (otherwise everything looks the same to me, and I can't get proper perspective on what I've written), and then it's getting posted. Barring any complications, on June 1, the first of three installments will be getting sent to Literotica.




  1. It was SO good! I'm happy that I just so happened to check Lit today. I haven't been on the site as much, since so many authors I follow have pulled out to protect their work. I'm constantly checking the blogs I follow though... again, another thing I'm happy about is that I found yours!

    I loved Seth's story so much. It's been one of my favorite on Lit since you posted it. I've probably re-read it a dozen times over the previous months, whenever I check in to see if you've posted Derek's story.

    I absolutely love the premise of Derek's story, and Rye is quickly becoming a favorite character. The fact that Derek is having to tamp down all of his dominate instincts, so that he doesn't scare him away, is pretty wonderful. I can't wait for the next chapter to get posted so we can find out how Rye is connected to the human trafficking (that's my guess, at least, as to why he's living in the woods, skittish, and now unconscious and bloody).

    Excellent first chapter. Please don't make me wait too long for number 2!!!!


  2. Naughty, I'm thrilled you liked it! (I think I'm going to need to deflate my ego after that comment on Seth's story.)
    Chapter two will be submitted Friday, so you shouldn't have too long a wait.

    1. YAY! I am so happy I won't have to wait too long. I will admit, I can be like a junkie when it comes to a story I like... and I'm not too proud to say that I will check blogs (or Lit) multiple times a day if need be! Lol.

      About your comment on Derek causing you trouble... I can totally see where he may have caused you more than a few headaches... he seems like he can be quite the pain in the ass!!! But, I love him so far, so I guess it was worth it in the end ;)

      And yes, I may have inflated your ego a bit... but it was all truth. That was one of the first few m/m stories I read, and it just stuck. And I was completely honest when I said that I've re-read it several times. Especially when I'm feeling in the mood for something a little darker :) Though I have to admit.... the 'Treats' chapter of Phantasm was so good too!!!!! I loved how you gave us just a little taste of Curtis being at the mercy of Seth. Mmmm-mmmm ;)